Top 10 Homeschool Helps – Teacher Edition

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I love homeschooling my kids. It is a gift. There is nothing else I would rather be doing at this point in my life. Does that mean every day is perfect? Of course not. I have good days and bad days just like anyone. Usually, there are more good than bad (thankfully!), but that does not always come naturally. It takes intentionality. It also takes a lot of prayer and perseverance!

The following list consists of 10 things that help my day to run just a bit more smoothly. Many are small…but sometimes it’s the small things that matter! Here they are, in no particular order…DRUMROLL PLEASE:

1. Frixion pens. I love these little wonders. Erasable pens. Genius. I use them ALL of the time, I can’t imagine life before them.

2. My Slow Cooker. This is such a stress reliever. I am just happier when I know that dinner is taken care of. A few extra minutes in the morning is all it takes, and I have a delicious meal ready at dinner time. Priceless. Try one of our favorites, Sticky Sweet BBQ Chicken, or check out my Slow Cooker Pinterest board for more ideas!

slow cooker

3. The Well-Planned Day. I am going to be totally frank. I have yet to find the PERFECT planner….and it is not for lack of trying! I have used an embarrassing number of planners trying to find just the right one. I never have. It may not exist for me:-) I can’t, however, survive without a planner. Our days run much more smoothly with some semblance of a plan. The Well-Planned Day is the closest I have come to my perfect planner. I am a pen and paper gal, I need to see everything laid out…so this works well for me.

4. Sensory Bins. I have this certain sweet little 3-year-old that does not stop moving. EVER. Unless she is using a sensory bin. They will buy me at least 20 minutes of time to work with my big kids. She’s happy. I’m happy. Everyone’s happy. Sometimes it makes a bit of a mess, but it is well worth it! If this sounds familiar to you, please check out my Pinterest board, Activities for Kids, to find some great frugal and fun sensory bin ideas…and more!

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5. Audiobooks. I try to read aloud to my kids as much as I can, but it’s never as much as I’d like. Enter the audiobook. My oldest in particular is an audiobook fanatic! She has listened to many, many great books on cd. That is a whole other post….let me know if you are interested in some suggestions! Audiobooks provide a wonderful way to productively, and enjoyably, pass some time while I’m working with other siblings, during rest times, or just anytime.

6. Window Dry Erase Markers. I had been wanting a huge dry erase board for quite some time. Finally, it dawned on my that I could just use our window! I have a huge window right next to our dining room table, which is where we usually do our work. The dry erase markers add an element of fun! We don’t use them constantly but if someone is struggling with a tricky math problem, or the like, I pull out a dry erase marker and throw the offending problem up on the window. Usually, the different perspective is just what was needed!

window dry erase

7. Post-It Tabs. I’m sure many of you already use these, but they still deserve a mention! What aren’t these things good for?! Holding our spot in a workbook. Marking where we leave off in a read-aloud. Or my favorite, keeping my place in my teacher’s manuals. It’s the simple things.

post it tabs

8. Storage Bins. I really don’t need to say much more here. Storage is a homeschool mom’s best friend. It doesn’t have to be a lot. But being organized helps the day go much more smoothly. Our favorite storage bins are these Ikea Trofast bins, which we pair with the Expedit (now Kallax) shelving units. Ikea is a lifesaver for organizing a schoolroom!

Milo & Oats Schoolroom-12

9. Chocolate. Or whatever little splurge you enjoy. Your favorite tea? Sneaking off for a 15-minute bubble bath? That is not a reality on my life right now, and maybe not in yours either,  but don’t forget to find a little moment where you can to take a breath.

10. Last (but not least!) a Bible and/or whatever devotional book you enjoy. It’s all about keeping perspective some days! What do you need to do to remember why you are doing all of this Mama?

Now let’s hear it! What little helps get you through your day?

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