Top 10 Homeschool Helps – Student Edition

These supplies help the homeschool day run smoothly!

We started school last week! The excitement level ranges from euphoric to resigned, in direct correlation to the ages of my children. With the youngest, of course, being the most excited. I love that the little ones are so excited. Now if I could just figure out a way to harness that excitement and pass it along to my 5th grader. If I figure it out I’ll let you know. If you’ve figured it out, please, let me know.

I love school supplies, always have. Here is a little round-up of the supplies that help our homeschool run smoothly on a daily basis.

1. Ticonderoga Pencils – lots of them. I LOVE these pencils. They write smoothly, and the eraser doesn’t fall off the first time you use them!

The best pencils EVER!


2. Prang Markers – bright and vivid. This is the only marker brand we use.

Our very favorite marker brand!


3. Prang watercolors. Again, so much more vivid than their counterparts!

Prang watercolors - bright and vivid!


4. Glue Sticks – Easy, mess-free, and a plethora of uses. Even my older kids use these. They are perfect for assembling our binder builders!

The ever popular glue stick.


5. Paper. Printer paper, construction paper, watercolor paper, tracing paper. Paper is one of those homeschooling musts!

Paper of all kinds. The homeschool workhorse!!

6. Counting Bears. Really,  you could use any manipulative. Counting bears are our favorite though! We pull them out often for use in math lessons, or just for sorting/playing fun.

These adorable little counting bears are our favorite math manipulative!

7. Stickers. What kids doesn’t love stickers? Fun for decorating notebook pages, a great incentive, and helpful for keeping the preschooler occupied.

Stickers! The perfect incentive and great for preschool playtime fun.

8. Clipboards. An organizer’s dream! I recently ordered these sturdy and colorful clipboards for my older children and I LOVE them! I keep their weekly assignments on a clipboard and these are perfect. They also serve double-duty because they have rulers along the edges. I can’t tell you the hard time we have keeping track of rulers. Rulers, and socks. I think they’re hiding together somewhere in my house. We have already used these handy rulers many times, it’s like they were thinking of me when they designed them!  One tip, should you decide to order these clipboards. I ordered a couple of different colors and they came with different clip styles at the top. An oversight (on my part) that I am trying not to let bother me;-) At some point I will go ahead and order a matching multi-pack and be done with it.

These clipboards are an organizers dream! I totally dig the rulers on the edges too!

9. I’m sure you’re dying to know what I do with those snazzy clipboards. Well, I’ll tell you! I put my student weekly checklists on them. I suppose I could have designed my own weekly checklist, but Pam has done such a great job. Why reinvent the wheel when these are working so well for us.

The checklist I use to keep my students motivated!

10. Last, but not least, I am in LOVE with these storage bins from Target. I have one for each of my students. They keep all of their workbooks, readers, and other materials they are currently working on in them. When it is time for school they just grab their bin and bring it to the table. When we’re done, everything just goes back in the bin and back on the shelf. I can’t tell you how nice it is to have a system that works so smoothly!



I could go on and on but I will stop there! What are your must have school supplies? 
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