How To Thrive With Your Kids This Summer — 10 Simple Ideas

Don't just survive the summer with your kids....thrive! These 10 simple activity ideas will help you turn a ho-hum summer into a great one!

Are you thinking this whole summer thing is going to be a breeze? That’s how I always feel when summer first rolls around. My kids are so happy to be outside that they will disappear for hours! They are just ecstatic that the swings don’t have 3 feet of snow covering them!

Don’t relax too much though, Mama. Because eventually that excitement is going to wane. Then….comes boredom. Now, my kids (most of the time) know better than to come and tell me they’re bored. “You’re bored, dear? Oh, honey. I have plenty for you to do.”   Mwah, ha, ha, ha.

Even though the “I’m bored” phrase does not receive much sympathy in my house, I still like their adorable little minds to be engaged and productive. So it helps to have some activities in your back pocket. Here are 10 ideas you can use to thrive (not just survive!) with your kids this summer.

Grow Something.

This is a great time to learn about seeds. Lauren from Mama’s Learning Corner has some adorable and educational printables that will help your kiddos learn all about seeds. It’s like a mini unit study! She even shares a super cool video on germination and some of her family’s favorite seed books.  Love it!This-is-How-a-Seed-Sprouts-Book

Make something.

What kid wouldn’t love these banana pops? Double points because they get to make and eat them!


Get Messy.

Get outside and create something colorful! This spray chalk looks like a ton of fun!

spray chalk 000

Cool Off.

There are tons of cool DIY water activities out there. This homemade sprinkler looks so easy that we might actually make it!


Go On A Scavenger Hunt.

This one by East Coast Mommy is so cute. Simple enough for younger kids to enjoy. Have older siblings team up with younger siblings for some great bonding time! Print it out here!

scavenger hunt

Plan For Rainy Days.

You know it will happen. The rain is going to come! Don’t be unprepared. This homemade play dough is a great indoor activity…we love homemade play dough! Every time I make it I am reminded of how much better it is than store bought play dough! It is so much softer! The kids love to help make it too, so it is perfect for staying busy on a rainy afternoon.


Make Chores Fun.

Responsibilities still exist, even in the summer. I would not want my kids to think otherwise! We do a chore time every morning. It is part of our routine so the complaining is relatively infrequent:-) Even so, how fun is this for the little ones?! Watering plants would be a blast with this cute little watering can!


Play A Board Game.

Board games are perfect for a lazy summer day. It’s fun to play them outside (if it’s not too windy!) or bring them inside on those super hot days. We are loving Ticket to Ride and The Settlers of Catan right now. Hiss and Fish Stix are great for the younger set. You can even brush up on math skills while having fun….Sum Swamp has been a hit for us as well!


Go somewhere.

The options are endless! Go to the beach or a splash pad. Head out to an amusement park, museum or zoo. You can even make your trip even more fun by including extra activities to spice things up. Why not do a scavenger hunt at the zoo?! Summer is a great time to make memories, so make some!



You know I had to include reading, right? A book is perfect anytime, anywhere, any season! You can even print off ultra adorable reading logs, like this one, from Simple As That if that motivates your kiddos. Not sure what to read? I use Honey For A Child’s Heart all of the time to help my kids pick great reads.


I have to say, I am now even more stoked than I already was for summer. Who wants to go to the zoo?!

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