5 Math and Logic Resources We Love

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Math & Logic Resources We Love

Welcome to week 2 of the Virtual Curriculum Fair, hosted by Susan and Laura! This week I’m sharing our favorite math and logic resources. This is a fun week. I was not a “mathy” kid myself, but I do enjoy finding the appropriate math and logic resources for my kids. So let’s get started! I’m going to share the core components of our math curriculum as well as some logic resources we love. Plus, no list of resources would be complete without some living books to round out our studies!

Teaching Textbooks

If you look enough, you will find some pretty mixed reviews out there for Teaching Textbooks. I had concerns for awhile that it would not be thorough or rigorous enough.  However, I have been able to cast those concerns aside for two reasons.

1) My 2nd grade son LOVES Teaching Textbooks, and that is a huge plus in my book. One always learns more when engaged in the subject matter.

2) We make TT work for us. I am engaged in what he is doing on a weekly basis. When I see an area that would benefit from supplementation, we throw some extras in. Whether it be a living book on angles, or a worksheet from the Key To series. We mix things up to keep math lively.

*I should note that we do use TT a couple of grades ahead. However, my son is very math oriented! Still, I think it is not unusual to use this program a grade ahead.

Math & Logic

CLE Math

My daughter used Teaching Textbooks for her 3rd grade year, but this year we are trying something new. She wanted more of a workbook approach. I resisted since I enjoyed having my two oldest in the same program. But, I am glad I finally relented. After some research and a dabble in another program we finally settled on CLE.  She is now enjoying math again. Once again, tailoring subjects to the child wins! The only thing that presented a challenge is that CLE is a bit more advanced. I ended up bumping her back about 1/2 a year so that I could make sure she covered everything she would need to know. This  bothered me at first, but it really shouldn’t! She is flying through her work and I know we’ll be back on track in no time. My plan is to keep her in CLE for a few years and then possibly switch back to TT. But we’ll see;-)

Critical Thinking

I have long been an admirer of Critical Thinking Company materials! It used to be a love from afar kind if thing. I would admire their products at conventions, but I never quite figured out where we would squeeze in the time for just “one more thing”. Last year, I decided to take the plunge and try out some of their materials. Largely because I knew my mathy 8-year-old would eat them up! I was right. We are using and loving Math Analogies right now. We only do a few pages a week so there is not a huge time investment, but it is a great opportunity to practice reasoning skills. We also pull out Dr. DooRiddles from time to time, which the kiddos think is great fun! Next on my list to try? Mind Benders!

Math & Logic-3

The Key To… Series

As I mentioned above, this series is one of our favorite math supplements. We are using Key to Fractions when the subject matter coincides with Teaching Textbooks. I plan to continue this series because the kids love it, and I love the extra reinforcment.

Living Math Books

As with all subjects, it is hard to beat living books. Even for a subject like math, there are lots of great books out there! Head on over to Living Math Book List to find some great living math books, nicely organized by category. Our faves? We love the Sir Cumference books by Cindy Neuschwander, as well as other “A Math Adventure” books.

Math & Logic-2

I have curated most of these favorites, and more, in my Amazon store. Feel free to check that out! If you’d like even more inspiration, you can visit my Pinterest math board!

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