2015-2016 5th Grade Curriculum

An awesome collection of 5th grade homeschool curriculum!

I can hardly believe that I have a 5th grader! It seems like such a short time ago that we eagerly began kindergarten! She is growing into a confident and independent young lady and I am looking forward to her 5th grade year. We will continue to use some of the same curricula as last year, while adding in some new and exciting finds!


My girl continues to blossom in this area. I distinctly remember being so worried that she would never be an avid reader. All through her second grade year I was wracking my brain on how I could help her become a more fluent reader. Then, the summer between 2nd and 3rd grade, I handed my science-loving girl a stack of Magic School Bus chapter books. She flourished. All it took was some time and a strong interest in the subject matter. Now, she is avoracious reader!

This year she will continue growing her language arts skills with help from the following resources:

English Lessons Through Literature – Level 4 – Boy, I struggled with this one! There is a writing program I would like to use with C that is geared for 6th-8th graders. So, I feel like this is kind of a between year for us. I don’t feel like we are quite ready to jump into a full-fledged grammar (Analytical Grammar?) or writing program yet. I waffled between a few different possibilities and finally landed on this. We sampled level 3 of ELTL last year and enjoyed it very much. I am excited to dive back in. I think our year is going to be rich using English Lessons Through Literature. Oh! There is also a coinciding workbook. I love the convenience, so we will be getting that as well.

Language Lessons Through Literature

Apples and Pears Spelling – This is a lesser known spelling program here in the United States. My daughter is not a natural speller so we have looked into a lot of spelling programs. After struggling with a few, and just not seeing results, I am so excited to say that this one is working! I am seeing good progress in her spelling abilities. My daughter enjoys using it and it has really boosted her confidence in spelling. We will finish Book A and move on to Book B.


We will continue with CLE. I considered moving her to Saxon with her brother. We may do that eventually. However, she loves the format of CLE so we are going to stick with it. No use changing what works! We will be finishing Math 4 and moving on to Math 5. We are about a half year off “grade level” thanks to switching from Teaching Textbooks to CLE last year. CLE is a bit more rigorous.



We are trying something new this year! We lean toward Classical and Charlotte Mason methodologies so I think that Simply Charlotte Mason’s – Matthew-Acts & Ancient Rome is going to be a perfect fit for us. Our favorite way to learn history is through reading lots of great books! Some extra bible and geography thrown in will be an added bonus.



This is also new! What can I say. We love to switch things up. It keeps life interesting. I have heard amazing things about this science and I am excited that it will coordinate somewhat with our history studies.

Science in the Ancient World

We will also be adding in A Journey Through Learning’s Binder Builder. My daughter loves these and they are an amazing way build on and solidify what we are learning.



We will use CLE Bible as well as some more targeted studies. We are starting Because I Said So next week, which is a study on obedience. Mama is EXCITED about that one! I also want to complete My Brother’s Keeper: Sibling Bible Study this year.
Obedience Bible Study

That’s about it! I am waffling with starting Spanish this year. The kiddos are really wanting a little break from Latin and decided that Spanish sounded like a good idea. I guess I better get started figuring out what we might use. If you have a Spanish curriculum that you love, please let me know!