2015-2016 1st Grade Curriculum

1st grade homeschool picks 2

I can’t believe my middle baby boy is a first-grader! I am pumped to be his mama and teacher and can’t wait to get going on his studies. My little guy (can I still call him that?) is so enthusiastic about school. Which, of course, makes learning even more fun. I won’t keep you in suspense. Here are our 1st grade plans:


All About Reading – Level One. We started this at the beginning of the summer and I am so happy with it. I have dabbled in several programs over the last few years of teaching my children to read. All About Reading is easily my favorite. My 6-year-old LOVES it too, which is icing on the cake!

My 1st grader is thrilled with All About Reading! I have used several reading programs with my children over the last few years. This is, hands-down, my favorite!


Handwriting Without Tears – I found this program when my first child became frustrated with learning handwriting. We have not looked back. Now, this is my top pick whether handwriting is an issue or not. It is fun to use and we love it!

Handwriting without Tears is fun, easy to use, and effective. Our go-to handwriting!


I will likely start English Lesson Through Literature mid-year, but I like to get reading and handwriting well under way first.


We are using and enjoying CLE Math 1.



We use many different resources for Bible, but for “official” school work we will be concentrating on CLE Bible 1 and The Jesus Storybook Bible. I’d love to dig even deeper and schedule a few activities to go with our Bible time. Which will be super easy because of this great list of coordinating activities!

We LOVE The Jesus Storybook Bible! It is so engaging, the kids always beg for more!

Science and History

My 1st grader will be tagging along with his older siblings. He will have a blast doing science experiments with us. I also plan to include him in our history studies by finding age appropriate books that coordinate with what we are learning. More on that later!

Do you have a 1st grader? Drop me a comment. I would love to hear your plans!

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