Real Food Allergy-Free Meal Plan is now…..The Healthy Family Meal Plan!

It’s silly. It’s just a name.

“Real Food Allergy-Free Meal Plan” just wasn’t sitting right with me. Why, you ask? Because the concept of real food is so subjective. What one person calls real food might be totally different to another. As far as the allergy-free title goes….sure, these meals are allergy-free for my family but may not necessarily be for yours! All of the meals I plan will continue to be gluten-free and egg-free. We had been mostly dairy-free too, but now all except the littlest member of the family can eat dairy now! So dairy, which is a common allergen, may pop up from time to time on my meal plans.

Therefore, I decided to change the name of my meal plan series to The Healthy Family Meal Plan. Nothing else is changing, but now I can rest more comfortably in the fact that the name reflects the true (or at least attempted) content of these meal plans.

I feel so much better! Don’t you!?

You'll feel so much better having a meal plan in place for the week! Save time, money, and your sanity!

So, what’s on the menu this week? Let’s get to it!


  • Yogurt bowls – yogurt, fruit, and Kashi or Q’ia (for a great gluten-free option).
  • Pancakes! — the testing continues. I’m determined to post some more tried and true gluten-free pancake recipes soon:-)
  • Cold cereal.
  • Gluten-free banana bread (also working on a recipe for this) and fruit.
  • Raw Oat Cereal.




This week’s menu was a snap to put together. I just took a quick swing over to my Pinterest Boards on the lookout for fish and salads, the foods I am craving right now. Pinterest really is the best menu planning tool ever! I also feel like trying some new recipes this week, so most of these are new to me. I can’t wait to give them a try. Especially the Spicy Fish Taco Bowls. I LOVE fish tacos so I have high hopes for this recipe.

What’s on your menu this week?

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  1. Nancy says

    Ooooo, YUMMY meal plan! We had the grilled sausage stir fry for dinner tonight & it was REALLY good! I adore sweet chili sauce, though; so, if a recipe calls for it, I know I’m gonna love it!

    • Becky says

      That was fast! I’m so glad you enjoyed the recipe….looking forward to trying it myself:-) Let me know if you try anything else. I’m making the fish taco bowls tonight!

      • Nancy says

        Hi Becky – we also ended up making the fish taco bowls, which were so good! My husband and I both would’ve liked a little creamy…something…on it – like an avocado creama of some kind. But the recipe was, overall, so delicious. A keeper – thanks!

        • Becky says

          Yes, I agree Nancy! I thought the same thing….but a little tweaking to your tastes always makes a recipe better, right? 🙂

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