2015-2016 3rd Grade Homeschool Curriculum

An awesome collection of 3rd grade homeschool curriculum!

My 3rd grader. He can be stubborn, and super sweet. He would much rather be outside playing than “doing school”. He is also smart-as-a-whip when he puts his mind to it. For him, I look for curriculum that will challenge him, but I also keep brevity in mind:-)


CLE Language Arts 3 – simple and concise, but thorough. I want a “get it done” program that is still rigorous. This fits the bill. We use it in entirety except the spelling portion. For spelling, I was so torn between All About Spelling and Apples & Pears. We are going to try Apples & Pears first. I use it with my older daughter for spelling and we find it to be quick and effective. Should it not be a good fit, we will switch to All About Spelling.

Write From Ancient History – Level 1 – I love this! It is important to me that we practice copywork, narration, and soon dictation.  My son will be a little less enthused, but that’s ok. This is when I remind him that some things just take work…but they are worthwhile:-) We will only work on this 2-3 times a week. Hopefully, the interesting stories (which he will love) will carry him through having to hold a pencil;-)

Write From Ancient History

New American Cursive – another Memoria Press product that we love! After my kids finish manuscript writing, I like to switch them from Handwriting without Tears to New American Cursive. We will be finishing up book 1 and moving on to book 2 this year.



We recently switched from CLE Math to Saxon 5/4. My math-loving kid LOVES it. He is a sucker for the speed drill! I’m looking forward to seeing how he grows with it this year.

My math loving kid LOVES Saxon!


We are trying something new this year! We are influenced by Classical and Charlotte Mason methodologies. I think that Simply Charlotte Mason’s – Matthew-Acts & Ancient Rome is going to be a perfect fit for us. Our favorite way to learn history is through reading lots of great books! Some extra bible and geography thrown in will be an added bonus.

Simply Charlotte Mason Matthew-Acts & Ancient Rome


This is also new! What can I say. We love to switch things up. It keeps life interesting. I have heard amazing things about this science and I am excited that it will coordinate somewhat with our history studies.

Science in the Ancient World


We’ll be using CLE Bible 3. We will also be working through some more concentrated studies on specific topics. We are starting Because I Said So next week, which is a study on obedience. Mama is EXCITED about that one! I also want to complete My Brother’s Keeper: Sibling Bible Study this year.
Obedience Bible Study


I am so excited for my son’s 3rd grade year! Do you have a 3rd grader? What is your favorite 3rd grade resource?

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  1. bpl says

    Great choices! I have an upcoming third grade boy who sounds similar to your third grader. We have chosen this for his curriculum: math mammoth 4, bible study guide for all ages year 4, Michael clay Thompson grammar, MCT poetry, MCT vocabulary, apologia botany, hodgepodge of geography resources but the spine is mapping the world by heart, all about spelling 5, pen time 3 (cursive), writing with ease 3, and lots of literature. For character we are using Plants Grow Up by doorposts. I think that’s it. I’m really looking forward to this year! Good luck with yours!!

    • bpl says

      Good gravy. I forgot co-op. He will take archery, building skills, and survival skills. He is also doing Dave Ramsey’s financial peace junior. Now. I think I really got it all this time. Haha! It’s amazing how much it looks like we are doing when I write it all down.

    • Becky says

      Wow! Sounds like an awesome year blp. I’ve heard great things about many of those:-) I’ve always thought that MCT grammar looked fun. Have you done Apologia before? I’m curious if you use the notebooking journal is well? Have a wonderful year!

  2. bpl says

    This will be our 4th year to use Apologia and we have always used the notebooking journals…the regular journal for my about to be 6th grader and the junior journal for my almost 3rd and 2nd graders. We have never done every activity in them, rather, we pick and choose what we want to do for each lesson. I required more out of my oldest than I did the younger two, but everyone had to complete notebooking pages and scientific process pages when we completed experiments. The younger ones often colored the coloring pages while I read the lesson and the oldest would often complete puzzles. Still, though, there is a lot we don’t do. Some puzzles go undone, the copywork never gets done, and we don’t do the lap book foldable type pieces located in the back. We did do the human body project located in the back of the anatomy journal.

    • Becky says

      Thanks blp! We tried Apologia last year and my kids just didn’t love how the text read. I would still like to give it another try at some point. I am always so tempted by the beautiful books AND the notebooking journals:-) I am planning on Apologia for high school science…but I have awhile before I need to worry about that.

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