10 Favorite Books for Littles


I love, love, love children’s books! I am so fortunate to be homeschooling my kids because I feel it gives me an excuse to justify my book obsession. Not that one needs an excuse to justify books….but still. Bibliophilism is practically a homeschooling requirement, right?!

Board books, chapter books, readers, read alouds. What could be more fun than tracking down great books? I already posted a booklist of my 4th grader’s current book loves. Now I’m going to share some of our favorite books for little ones. These particular books are enjoyed by my children when they are about 3 to 6 years of age. But my 7-year-old still likes a few of these too!

This list is by no means exhaustive! There are so many great picture books for kids. However, these are a few that stand out as favorites:

Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson. This is a recent favorite for us. My 5-year-old boy is the biggest fan. It has a wonderful rhyming cadence and the story is enchanting. If you like this one don’t forget to check out other adventures involving bear and his friends!

Dr. De Soto by William Steig. I’m not sure quite what it is, but my kids can’t get enough of this book! We have read it dozens of times. They just love it!

Who doesn’t love George? These are classics to be sure and my kiddos love ’em. My seven-year-old was an early reader, but he still does not enjoy reading longer chapter books. He will always read Curious George though!

Mr. Putter and Tabby by Cynthia Rylant. I have a soft spot for Mr. Putter. The first time I read the title above to my kids I cried. But I was probably pregnant. I went through a phase where most books I read to my kids made me cry. Poor kids. Pregnant or not, you will love reading these endearing books to your kids. There is a whole series and they are all wonderful!

Blueberries for Sal and all other Robert McCloskey books! My kids love Blueberries for Sal but I think my personal favorite is One Morning in Maine. But really, read them all!

The Big Red Barn by Margaret Wise Brown. This much loved classic is another favorite.

Oh my word. These Mo Willems books are fantastic. My boys’ cannot get enough. If we have a few of these in our library stack they are the first to be read…or to be requested for mom to read. Elephant and Piggie are hilarious and the writing and illustrations are delightful.  I think we’ve read almost all of the books from this series!

I think I may be the only person in the world who does not enjoy Caps for Sale. It could be the ridiculous number. of. times. I have read this book to my kids that is impacting my judgement. But I had to include it because they LOVE it.

Norman the Doorman by Don Freeman. Don Freeman is better known for Corduroy, but we love Norman the Doorman. Norman is such a lovable character that you can’t help rooting for him.

Amelia Bedelia by Peggy Parish. Many children have enjoyed the very literal antics of Amelia Bedelia and mine are no exception. A household staple!

Well, those are some of our favorites! How about you? What are favorite’s in your house? I would love to hear! And am I the only one who cries over children’s books?!

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  1. Nancy says

    Oh, I LOVE these books! You’ve picked some of my favorites, too! (I mean, my kids’ favorites, ahem.) I give Big Red Barn to almost every new mom I know, and the Mr. Putter and Tabby series is fantastic. I also love Cynthia Rylant’s “Poppleton” series. And “One Morning in Maine” – ahhh! Love it! “A Sick Day for Amos McGee” and “The Quiet Book” are two of our family favorites. The George and Martha books also crack me up – just hilarious.
    Must get to the library soon! 🙂

    • Becky says

      George and Martha nearly made the list, Nancy! We love them too. Poppleton is familiar but we have not read them, will check them out along with the others you have suggested! We love the library:-) Thanks for stopping by Nancy!

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